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Creamy Scrambled Eggs

Making great scrambled eggs requires fresh eggs. Making them quickly and easily is best with a good nonstick pan and a silicone spatula. A wooden spoon is fine, but we've found the spatula to be best.

Place pan over low head, add butter, and let the pan warm slowly as the butter gently melts. While this is happening, in a bowl whisk together the eggs and Rubarama. We use a pinch of Rubarama per egg being scrambled. Whisk until egg whites and yolks are combined.

Swirl the butter around the pan, add the egg mixture to the warm pan, and immediately start making large circles with the spatula, not too fast, just fluidly. Once the eggs look a bit thickened and the curds start to form, you can begin to gently scrape across the pan.

Remove eggs from heat just before they look completely done. Eggs will keep cooking even after you remove them from the pan so it's okay if they look slightly runny when you take them from the heat.

Garnish with thyme and serve.

Rubarama's Creamy and Savory Scrambled Eggs

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