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Grilling Gift Guide

Rubarama began as a dry rub, so we know a few things about grilling, smoking, and more. As a result, we get a lot of questions about our go-to gadgets for barbecuing and grilling. Given that the holidays are just around the corner and Black Friday will entice some of you into big and small purchases alike, these are a few of our favorites.


Masterbuilt's Electric SmokerThe Masterbuilt Electric Smoker with Window and RF Controller is the smoker that started it all for us. It's an electric smoker which is great for controlling the temperature and time and its also easy as can be. Great for urban dwellers who may have fuel source limitations. Any of the Masterbuilt smokers are great, but we find this one is a great given it's relatively small footprint, wood chip tray, and easy moving wheels. Definitely invest in the cover to keep it protected when not in use. 


Many of you will likely already have a grill, but if you are looking to replace, add another, or just like to stare longingly at barbecue grills, these are our some of our favorites.


If you are going to use charcoal, go for Weber. It's the classic and there's a reason for that: they work. You can get the original Kettle for about $100 and it's going to last you a long time. If you want to get a little fancier, we like Weber's Performer Deluxe. It's the same idea of the original kettle design, but with a workspace, trash bin, and an easier way to clean out the ashes. If you are in a high wind area or aren't so great with starting a fire with charcoal (no judgements) we would suggest the chimney starter. They are about $25-$30 and will save you some headaches.


For those with city/town restrictions on fuel sources, electric might be the only option available to you. We use Char-Broil's Patio Bistro Grill here and it's really good. These grills are available with side shelves ($200) and without ($188). Electric grills have come a long way so don't count them out. We like this because it's small, but still large enough to cook a full meal for 4 people or to easily have a rotating source of burgers and hot dogs for a larger group.


*SIGH* We miss propane — it's quick, it's clean, and it's the closest to natural gas cooking that we have found and that means consistent control of flame and temperature. There are a great many options for propane grills and too many for us to really commit to a favorite without having tested the many models.

Natural Gas

The Weber Summit E-470 Natural Gas Grill is one of those grills that will last and be solid. We really like this model for some of the small details that make grilling so much more enjoyable. Things like the easy moving casters and the lighted control knob are thoughtful and helpful. Still, the important part of any grill is the end product: your cooking. And this will not disappoint. 

Utensils and Accessories

You can get all fancy with those grilling sets with their snazzy cases — and those do make nice housewarming gifts — but unless you are going to be traveling with them, skip them. Just get yourself some nice tongs. We prefer tongs to a fork because when you pierce the meat, all the juices come out. 

We have about 6 of the OXO 12-inch tongs on hand and they get used all of the time. Love that they can lock in the closed position as well so that you can keep things orderly in the kitchen. If you get the tongs with the covered heads, be sure to get the silicone as opposed to the nylon as the silicone can withstand a higher heat. 

The Brine Bucket!

We recommend brining before smoking any meats. You can use any large bowl that you have, but with all the chicken juices and the like flowing around we did invest in this little covered gem and it's been great. It's BPA-free, seals well, and while I wouldn't recommend using the handle to carry this while it's filled with brine and chicken, it is sturdy.

Dry Rubs and more!

And, of course, Rubarama's Twin-Pack is the best part of the Grilling Gift Guide. Yes, we could be biased, but we aren't. We just really think that Rubarama makes a truly great gift...and it will up anyone's grilling game.

Delicious Disclosure: While we are never paid for our decisions, opinions, or suggestions, please note that if you buy any of these products directly from the links within this article, Rubarama will receive a commission based upon the sale. We like to be good and honest, like food should be!

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