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Need a housewarming gift? Looking for a great way to say thank you? Our Gift Boxed Twin-Pack of Rubarama is the go-to choice for so many events. 


We've been a bit quiet lately, but we have still been grilling, cooking, smoking, and baking up a storm. We will start sharing those new recipes in a few days, don't you worry!

Why have we been quiet? Well, we've been busy because we made a wee little change with a big visual impact...and a huge amount of work for our small team here. What does that mean? We have updated our packaging. Don't worry, our blends are still the same.

Our Savory & Spicy Blend, No. 4, is now known as The Original Rubarama.

Jack's Blend, our Sweet & Savory Blend, is now Jack's Way.

Why the changes? Rubarama started very organically and we have grown in ways that we didn't plan or expect. It's certainly a happy development, but that meant that we needed to make sure that, as we grow, we could be sure to hold on to our commitment to you and the environment. With that, our packaging changed along with the names.

  • Our tins are still reusable and recyclable
  • Nutrition and ingredient labels are now included 
  • The Pounder bags are recyclable and compostable

As always, every component of our packaging is made in the U.S. and all elements are reusable, recyclable, and/or compostable.

Hope you like the new changes and continue to share with us the great many ways that you use Rubarama.

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