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The Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to spend with family and friends. But, it can also be stressful if you a preparing the whole or even part of the meal. We want to make the day easier for you and still be incredibly delicious. Below are our favorites for Thanksgiving.

Blood Orange Turkey is a big hit at our place every year. Blood oranges are in season and have a great flavor and color. Be sure to brine the turkey for extra flavor and a juicier bird. 

Creamed Spinach is fantastic all year, and so easy. This will become part of your repertoire.

Our Mac-and-Cheese makes for a great main course on days that need comfort food, and the perfect side dish for feasts like these. Save time on the day of by cooking the pasta a day or two in advance. 

Glazed Carrots
are amazing! That's all you really need to know, and this recipe is great as you can be doing multiple things while easily tending to these colorful root veggies.
Beer bread with our whipped butterBeer Bread with our whipped butter is lovely for Thanksgiving, but it's even better for those day-after sandwiches.

Room for dessert? Use some of those gorgeous autumn apples for our Apple Pear Pie. Make your own crust or get a good crust like Immaculate Baking's Ready-to-Make crust.

Bloody MaryFriday morning will roll around and let's be honest, some of your guests (and maybe you) might need a little hair of the dog. Our Spicy Bloody Mary heals all sorts of ails.

We wish you a great holiday season and that you cook to your heart's content.
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