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Apple Pear Pie

The Kitchen

A twist on the classic apple pie, this Apple Pear Pie is a great dessert for dinner parties and holidays. Even better...

Shred your cheese...please.

The Kitchen

Skip the bagged stuff, and shred your own. Why? It tastes better and it's all natural without any unnecessary additives.

Chili and Pickle Doughnuts

The Kitchen

Extremely flavorful! Great as hors d'oeuvres and appetizers.

Pickie's Pickles

The Kitchen

Ten minutes of active prep for the perfect pickle.

Free Shipping!

The Kitchen

Special offer! Free shipping until November 28th.

Normand Carrot Salad

Deb Liljegren

This easy and flavorful salad is a great accompaniment or a quick snack. Great for those of you who love to food prep.

Jack's Coffee Steak

The Kitchen

An easy way to make your steaks tender, delicious, and lovingly talked-about. Makes a great next-day lunch for your o...

The Chili

The Kitchen

This chili can ruin all others for you, so be ready. Great right away; even better a day later. Perfect for those fir...

Zucchini Pancakes

The Kitchen

One of our Test Kitchen tasters introduced us to these wonderful zucchini pancakes. They are great with any meal or f...

Spiced Plum Blueberry Pie

Cindy's Kitchen

Make the best end-of-summer pie with late harvest blueberries and delicious plums.

Roasted Cauliflower

The Kitchen

Ok, yes, we are a little in love with cauliflower. We know that the more popular white variety can look "boring" raw,...

Perfect Pork Chops

The Kitchen

Forget about the nightmare of dry and leathery pork chops from your childhood. You can enjoy pork chops without devel...
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