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About Our Seasoning Blends

We get some questions every now and then so we figured we would answer those here. Any questions that haven't been answered here, just drop us a note on our contact page.

What is in the blends?
Our Original (formerly known as No. 4) features 13 ingredients including salt, brown sugar, 3 kinds of pepper (including cayenne), and blend of 8 other herbs and spices. 

Our Jack's Way uses slightly fewer ingredients — 11 to be exact. We use salt, brown sugar, peppers (we skip the cayenne pepper this time) and our proprietary blend for the remaining herbs and spices in order to create a flavor that keeps people coming back for more. Ditch the Tupperware because there are rarely leftovers when Jack's is used.

We never bulk up our blends with unecessary salt and sugar because we want all of the flavors to work together. As well, we don't use preservatives nor additives. Gluten free and vegan friendly.

Are the blends organic?
Because we use salt, our blends can not be classified as organic as salt can not be certified organic. The USDA recognizes salt as a mineral. Don't you fret though, because we do not use any preservatives, fillers, nor any additives. It's just pure goodness.

Are your seasoning blends Paleo or Keto friendly?
Jack's and The Original are not 100% Paleo friendly because of the natural sugar. Why do we say "100% Paleo"? Because the portion of sugar relative to the other spices, herbs, and minerals in our blends isn't so significant that it will throw you off the rails. We even have someone on our Test Kitchen team that has follows a Whole30 diet and uses The Original in many recipes.

Yes, the blends are vegetarian. In fact, while these were originally developed as dry rubs, we have found these to be great in many recipes. Check out some of our favorite veggie options here.

No gluten here! Our blends in the 5 ounce tins are made in a facility that is free of nut, seed, and gluten.

How long does a 5-ounce tin last?
That depends upon how often you cook and how you are using them. There are 182 servings in our 5-ounce tins. A little really does go a long way. If you are using them as a dry rubs, figure that a tin will be enough for 20 chickens and 20 racks of ribs. When we use a tin here in the test kitchen, it will last about 2-3 months and that is with daily use for multiple recipes.

The Goodness of the Yummy Goodness 
When producing any of our products and packaging, we work with other smaller businesses and using materials made in the U.S. or in Canada. Other than some ingredients that don't naturally grow here, when you get Rubarama you are getting is our little bit of culinary heaven that is supporting other businesses in Colorado, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York. We thank you for supporting us and others like us that are committed to quality products and growing our economy.

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