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Need a housewarming gift? Looking for a great way to say thank you? Our Gift Boxed Twin-Pack of Rubarama is the go-to choice for so many events. 


The Patch | June 13th, 2019

Artisanal Pop-Up Market Shows Off Uptown Businesses. Recent graduates of the Harlem Local Vendor Program are coming together this weekend to create the Uptown Artisanal Pop Up market.  Read full article here.

West Side Rag

West Side Rag | June 8th, 2019

Pop-Up Market Will Pop Up for 2 Weekends Inside a Vacant Storefront. The former home of Liberty House, a clothing, jewelry, and gift shop at 112th and Broadway that closed in 2017 after 49 years, will once again brim with activity... Learn more here.

Columbia University | June 4th, 2019

Uptown Artisanal Pop-Up Market to Open in Columbia University Retail Space. Former Liberty House retail space at Broadway and 112th Street will be home to graduates of the 2018 Harlem Local Vendor Program for two weekends in June, courtesy of Columbia University. Read full article here.


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Rubarama's Mission

Create premium quality seasoning blends while minimizing our environmental impact via sustainable practices and packaging. 

How did this happen?!?

Rubarama was co-founded by Deb Liljegren and Rama Malone. We could leave it at that, but that would be boring...and that's not us.

The Rubarama Story, as told by one of our founders, Deb Liljegren.

This all happened, somewhat by accident, truthfully. In 2014, I gave Rama an electric smoker for his birthday. He was having a hard time finding a dry rub that was delicious, but also without tons of salt and sugar.

We eventually came up with our own recipe that was rather involved, but it was a healthier option and incredibly tasty. As friends and family tried it, they asked us to make some for them. For fun, I named the blend Rubarama (“Rub” because it was a dry rub and “Rama” because he came up with The Original recipe).

The next thing we knew, we were making larger and larger batches and finding that Rubarama was more than a dry rub. Vegetarian and vegan friends were sharing recipes, a couple of bartenders were crafting cocktails with it, and classic dishes were getting an upgrade thanks to Rubarama.

While the "rub" was delicious and it was healthier than anything else that we had found, there was something that kept nagging at me and I couldn't put my finger on it. And then it all came together with a memory: What’s Good to Eat?

Tommy on base with his motorcycleWhile I was growing up, my dad would go into the kitchen, open a cabinet, and ask, “What’s good to eat?” I would reply with my own question, “By ‘good’, do you mean ‘delicious’ or ‘healthy’?”

(That's my dad on the motorcycle. I am digging the green paint.)

Years later, when I was working with chefs and in professional kitchens, I found that delicious and healthy didn't have to be mutually exclusive. Rubarama was proof of that.

I developed the brand and officially launched the company in 2015 with online retail operations. Years later, we have two blends — The Original and Jack’s Way — and love learning how people across the globe are using Rubarama’s seasoning blends. 

Rubarama — it’s all you need.

Company Details

Rubarama is wholly owned by English Guinea, LLC, a women-owned company based in Harlem, New York City, New York.

Visuals and Brand Guidelines

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  • Rubarama is a registered trademark
  • Our tagline, Good Food Made Easy, is currently with the USPTO for review
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