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Need a housewarming gift? Looking for a great way to say thank you? Our Gift Boxed Twin-Pack of Rubarama is the go-to choice for so many events. 


Sustainable food prep and shopping options on a table.

For us, sustainability is not just a buzzword or a marketing gimmick — sustainability is a core value at Rubarama. We factor it into every aspect of our products and operation — even down the that little "Sealed for Freshness" styrofoam disk that we deliberately do not use.

Below are just some of the things that we do as part of our pledge to be sustainable:

  • Skip the single-use plastic in our packaging*
  • Use US-made components to limit energy consumption during shipping
  • Food waste from the Rubarama Test Kitchen — often very little because it's all delicious — heads to the compost
  • Reuse shipping materials whenever possible; use eco-friendly and recycled options for new materials
  • Even our tape and sealing labels use environmentally-friendly adhesives

As for that single-use plastic, even when you place plastic in your recycling bin, sometimes less than 5% of that plastic actually gets recycled**. It's why we started selling refill pouches for your favorite Rubarama shakers. And even those pouches are being upgraded to compostable pouches later this year.

We are continually evolving and trying to do better, all while keeping our dry rubs and seasoning blends as great as you have come to expect them.

Have an idea how we can take our commitment to the environment a step further? Let us know.


* Our shakers have a polypropylene sifter that should be removed so that you can reuse/refill our glass shakers with more Rubarama or anything of your choosing. 
** From NPR: Recycling plastic is practically impossible — and the problem is getting worse


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